User profiling enrichment API

This is a series of API to enhance the user data that will allow us to optimize the campaigns served to your users

User installed applications

This API will allow us to have the complete list of applications that the user has already installed so we can avoid to serve duplicate contents.

You must send at least one device identifier gaid, android_id, android_imei, idfa or waid the API will return 400 Bad Request in other cases.

In case of wrong or missing api_key the API will return 400 Bad Request


POST /api/v1/profiling/applications?api_key={YOUR_API_KEY_HERE}


    "gaid": "f268bbe8-ccf9-4913-95e9-2b0eae311885",
    "android_id": "254e69e5-1114-4486-bf1f-f6e2ab4feb86",
    "android_imei": "58a5d239-3af4-48e7-acd9-d55373148e44",
    "idfa": "4e85c0ad-995a-4d0d-ac73-50b41fa74055",
    "waid": "3a40bb58-65b4-4399-b15b-c04b68126405",
    "applications": [

Response 200

{"status": "ok"}