Tracking and callback

As Instal publisher you can register a postback url where your platform will be notified about every install conversion of your published campaigns.

Your postback url can be setted at this page in Instal Web Console. You can customize your url with the following placeholders that will be replaced with the runtime values during the tracking and postback process.

Postback exaple url:{campaign_id}/?country={country}&event_id={custom1}&site_version={custom2}

Suported placeholders:

  • {tm}: Number of milliseconds since the epoch (aka: unix_time * 1000)
  • {appid}: Application ID
  • {campaign_id}: Campaign ID
  • {payout}: Payout
  • {payout_decimal}: Payout Decimal
  • {browser}: Browser
  • {ip}: IP Address
  • {lang}: Language
  • {osversion}: Os Version
  • {country}: User country
  • {custom1}: Custom Value 1
  • {custom2}: Custom Value 2
  • {custom3}: Custom Value 3
  • {custom4}: Custom Value 4

In addition to the self-explanatory parameters you have the possibility to use generic parameter placeholders as {custom1}, {custom2}, {custom3} and {custom4}. During the invocation of your postback url these placeholders will be substitued with the values you porvided in the invocation of the install traking url. Here an example.

When a final user clicks on your traking url, your tracking system will track the event and it'll redirect the user to Instal tracking url with the appropriate parameters and values. The called Instal tracking url will be for example the following, where you have to add the custom values you want recive back during the postback:

When there will be the conversion, the Instal platform will call your callback url with the following values: